Yurt Packages, 16′ Diameter

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Yurt Packages, 16′ Diameter

Tender Information
Author ahnationtalk
Deadline Open
Name Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation
Type ITT
Region MB
Sector Public Sector
Category Construction


Reference Number     MB-MBPB-12T-01327
Solicitation Number     12T0022864
Organization Name     Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation
Procurement Services Branch
Source ID           PV.MN.MB.498.C6
Associated Components     Yes


Published              2015-06-10
Closing              2015-07-02 12:00 PM


Category              Construction Products
Region of Delivery
Region of Opportunity
Agreement Type
Tender Type              Invitation to Tender (ITT)
Estimated Value
Solicitation Method

Notice Description

Yurt Packages, 16′ Diameter

ISSUING DEPARTMENT: Procurement Services Branch

DATE ISSUED: 10/06/2015
ISSUED BY: Chuck Bright
TELEPHONE: 204 945-6353

For INFORMATION or item clarification, if required, CONTACT:
C. Bright – phone (204) 945-6353.

F.O B Destinations, Freight Prepaid.

Please contact the individual noted above if additional information
or clarification is required on the following items.

To be delivered as & when required from July 15, 2015 to June 30, 2018.

The delivery date (if shown) is actually the end of the contract.

This procurement is subject to Chapter 5 of the AIT

The Request for Quotation documents are now “free-of-charge” and can be downloaded from MERX. The official MERX document will be considered a valid bid. Printed abstracts from the MERX website will not be accepted and rejected. To obtain the official RFQ document please follow the “Associated Components: Preview/Order” link at the top of this page.

Bidders must “login” to MERX to access the General Terms & Conditions which apply to this RFQ, in addition to those shown below. After “login” follow the links:

Information -> Government Publications -> Manitoba Terms and Conditions -> Request for Quotation.

Vendor#s e-mail address: (if available) ____________________

Quantity clarification: quantity listed contains 2 or 3 decimals


ITEM 10 30/06/2018
14.00 Each GSIN: N5600MATERIAL: 49111
Yurt Packages, 16′ Diameter, must meet all the requirements as outlined in attached Manitoba specificaton 121-099-1.

Please quote firm unit prices for year 1, 2 and 3 as follows:

Year 1 (July 15, 2015 to June 30, 2016) $ ______________

Year 2 (July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017) $ ______________

Year 2 (July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018) $ ______________

Please indicate:

Manufacturers Name __________

Brand Name ______________

Product / Style Number ________

Bidder’s catalogue/reference number ( if applicable) ____________


To be delivered as and when requested during the period July 15, 2015 to June 30, 2018.

QUOTATION EVALUATION: Generally the lowest overall price of an acceptable item(s) in accordance with the terms & conditions of the RFQ will be awarded the order.
Quotations will be evaluated based on suitability of unit offered compared to the end users needs, product specifications, delivery, warranty, price, quality of the

bidder’s performance in past awards and any other terms & conditions indicated on this RFQ.
Failure to provide adequate information to evaluate the item offered may be cause for rejection of your quote by the Manitoba Government (Manitoba). Suitability selection to be at Manitoba’s sole discretion.

The intent is to evaluate the quotations on a 3 year basis and award contracts for the 3 years as indicated, therefore bidders should quote a price for year 1, 2 and

3, however, the Manitoba Government (Manitoba) reserves the right to evaluate the quotations on a 1, 2 or 3 year basis if required and award contracts as such.

Any product offered may require testing prior to acceptance.

The product offered must meet the requirements and expectations for its intended use

If it is your intention to offer an item, which does not meet all the specs/description as outlined, then you must indicate all intended deviations or changes on the return quote.

If required, you may be requested to submit a sample of any alternative product offered, for evaluation prior to the award of the contract. Failure to provide an acceptable sample will be cause for rejection of your quote

Sample will be provided if requested within _____ days upon formal request.

The quantity shown is approximate and may vary more or less It should be noted that there is no guarantee of any business.
Any unused portion as of the end of the contract will be considered cancelled

The vendor is not to ship any item until a separate Release Purchase Order, referencing the awarded Value Contract, has been issued by the using department indicated  above.

The Release Order, issued by authorized personnel, may be placed verbally, by fax or by mail.
Each Release Purchase Order will have a specific reference number.
The Release Purchase Order number should be shown on the invoice.
Release Purchase orders will list the specific items and quantities required and will provide the delivery and invoice address.

All the products listed on the Release Order must be delivered and invoiced completely as one shipment with no back orders unless approved by the departmental contact person shown on the Release Order.

The vendor must provide to Procurement Services Branch an annual contract report indicating the actual usage during each contract year.
The date and times for this report will be as requested by the Procurement Officer, Procurement Services Branch. (Normally, this request will be three months prior to the expiry date of the current contract.)
The report must show:
a),,The quantity shipped by line item and the dollar values as per the contract.
b) Individual items ordered against the contract but not listed on the contract and the dollar values.

Any product supplied must be new, unused, first quality.
All goods delivered are subject to inspection prior to delivery acceptance. Signing of any delivery slip should not be construed as acceptance of the product delivered. Manitoba reserves the right to reject any product, after final inspection that does not meet the specification or product description requested.

Manitoba reserves the right to reject any product supplied which, upon inspection or use, is deemed by the using department to be unacceptable for their intended use.

Products to be supplied as specified on the contract/purchase order.

Any substitutes shipped without prior written approval will be rejected at time of delivery or held at shipper’s risk pending return instructions

Products rejected by the using department will be returned to the Vendor for full credit or replacement product at no cost to Manitoba or the contract may be cancelled.

By written agreement between Manitoba and the Vendor, the contract may be amended to include additional products or locations and/or the duration of the contract may be extended to continue past the expiry date specified above.

Manitoba requires its suppliers to adhere to provincial labour laws and, where businesses use sources outside of Canada, Manitoba expects suppliers to comply with local labour laws in the country of manufacture

Favoured Customer Clause:
If during the period of the offer the Bidders offers for sale like quality and quantity similar to customers at more favourable terms, the current quoted price shall be immediately altered to a level that reflects the same favourable terms.

Provision of Goods/Services to Manitoba Boards, et al:

During the term of the Agreement, or any renewal thereof, the Contractor agrees to offer the goods/services upon written approval of PSB:
a) to corporations, boards commissions, councils, bureaus, agencies or associations that are controlled by the Government of Manitoba, or all of the members of which are appointed by the Government of Manitoba, whether by order-in-council or legislation or by a Minister of the Government of Manitoba; release of the purchase order/outline agreement will be at PSB#s discretion; and

b) To agencies that are funded by the Government of Manitoba only, or suppliers of essential services in the Province of Manitoba.

On the same terms and conditions of the Agreement and at prices that do not exceed prices charged to Manitoba for the goods/services. It shall be in the sole discretion of such entity whether or not it wishes to receive the benefit of this provision. If an entity wishes to avail itself of this provision, it may do so directly by issuing its own Release Purchase order to the Contractor, in which case any agreement resulting from said Release Purchase Order will be between the entity and the Contractor, and Manitoba will not be a party thereto.

Final inspection and acceptance or rejection of the goods will be made promptly as practicable, but failure to inspect and accept or reject goods promptly does not mean that the Manitoba Government has accepted these goods. The Government of Manitoba reserves the right to inspect the goods for up to 90 days after the date of delivery.

Partial acceptance of rejection of an order does not release the Bidder from its responsibility to complete the order.

The Contractor shall not assign or transfer the Agreement or any of the rights or obligations under the Agreement without first obtaining written permission from

Manitoba. Manitoba may, in its sole discretion, refuse to grant such permission.


“Aboriginal Business” means a business that is at least 51% aboriginal owned and controlled and, if it has six or more full-time employees, at least one-third of its employees must be Aboriginal persons.

“Aboriginal Business Directory” means a business directory of Aboriginal businesses that meet Manitoba’s definition of an Aboriginal business.

‘Aboriginal Business Standard” means terms and conditions that indicate that Aboriginal business participation is desirable but not mandatory.

“Aboriginal Person” means a First Nations, Non-status Indian, Métis or Inuit person who is a Canadian citizen and resident of Canada.

Aboriginal Procurement Initiative:
Manitoba is committed to community economic development as a key component of its economic strategy. It intends to develop a provincial economy that is more inclusive, equitable and sustainable.

Procurement practices are one means that can be used to contribute to the growth of Aboriginal businesses. In that regard, Manitoba developed the Aboriginal

Procurement Initiative (API). The objective of API is to increase the participation of Aboriginal businesses in providing goods and services to Manitoba.

Aboriginal Business STANDARD:
Aboriginal participation is desired but bids will not be disqualified if there is no Aboriginal business participation.

Aboriginal Business Directory:
Manitoba has established a directory of Aboriginal businesses called the “Aboriginal Business Directory”. This directory is a list of Aboriginal businesses (including non profit organizations and economic development corporations) that have self declared as an Aboriginal Business meeting that definition under the API. It is neither comprehensive nor exhaustive but may be a useful resource to identifying Aboriginal businesses for potential partnering or sub-contracting purposes.

Aboriginal businesses not listed in the Directory may also be used.

Registration in the Aboriginal Business Directory does not guarantee certification as an Aboriginal business, as business status may change; therefore formal certification is required in the formal tender process.

Aboriginal businesses are encouraged to register by contacting Procurement Services Branch.

For further information on the aboriginal Business Directory, registration forms and access to a copy of the Aboriginal Business Directory please see the following


http://www.gov.mb.ca/mit/psb/api/api bd.html or contact:
Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation 2nd Floor – 270 Osborne Street N.
Winnipeg, Manitoba
General Inquiry Line
Ph:  204-945-6361
Fax: 204-945-1455

For all other general inquiries related to this tender opportunity, please contact the name of the individual(s) identified on page one of this tender document.

Manitoba may immediately terminate this contract, in writing, in part or in total and any outstanding Release Orders, for any of the following reasons:
a)the goods provided by the Vendor are not according to the contract or otherwise unsatisfactory; or
b)the services provided by the Vendor are unsatisfactory, inadequate, or are improperly performed; or
c)the Vendor has repeatedly failed to meet the delivery lead time, indicated on the contract; or
d)the Vendor has failed to comply with one or more of the terms or conditions of the contract; or
e)the Vendor fails or refuses to comply with any verbal or written request from Manitoba, for information pertaining to the contract, within 5 working days of receiving such request; or
f)the Vendor becomes bankrupt or insolvent or liquidates; or
g)a receiver, trustee or custodian is appointed for the assets of the Vendor; or
h)the Vendor fails to secure or renew any license or permit for the Vendor’s business required by law, by-law or regulation or any such license or permit is revoked or suspended; or
i)the Vendor or any partner, officer or director of the Vendor is found guilty of an indictable offence; or
j)the Vendor fails to comply with any law, by-law or regulation relating to the employment of its employees.
k)the Vendor at any time engages in any activities or trade practices which, in Manitoba’s opinion, are prejudicial to the interests of Manitoba, or a department or agency thereof: or l)there is a breach of any provision of the contract Manitoba may, in its sole discretion, terminate this contract at any time without cause by providing written notice thereof to the Vendor prior to the date of intended termination. This termination may be used for those instances where there are program changes, funding changes etc.

Upon the effective date of the termination of this contract, the Vendor shall cease to provide any further goods and/or perform any further services. Manitoba shall be under no obligation to the Vendor other than to pay, upon receipt of an invoice and supporting documentation satisfactory to Manitoba, such compensation as the Vendor may be entitled to receive under this contract for any goods delivered or service provided prior to the effective date of the termination.

All purchases by Manitoba under this Agreement are subject to and expressly conditional upon the Legislature of the Province of Manitoba duly appropriating funds in the fiscal year in which they are required to be paid.

Manitoba will provide written notice to the Supplier should funding for the service/products be withdrawn.

For the purpose of this RFQ / contract the term “fiscal year” means the period commencing April 1st of one year and ending on March 31st of the next ensuing year.

Time shall be of the essence of the contract.

Bidders should indicate which items are normally stocked and which are not normally stocked.

Bidders to indicate:
The normal delivery lead time required from receipt of a Release off
the contract for:

Delivery within ________ working days

The length of delivery time and overall service to the end user is important and may be monitored.
Failure to provide acceptable delivery and/or service may result in the cancellation of the balance of the contract

(unit prices quoted include all necessary charges such as freight, insurance, handling etc.)

Delivery Charge
Delivery/Freight Charges are to be incorporated into the unit prices quoted for each item.


YES___ or NO _____

If NO indicate: Prices firm until (date) ______________

Bidders offering prices subject to change without notice or in effect at time of shipment may be rejected outright.
Preference may be given to suppliers offering firm pricing.

Neither the bidder nor its suppliers/vendors, employees or consultants shall make any public statement relating to the existence or performance of the purchase  order/contract without the prior written consent of the Province of Manitoba, which shall not be unreasonably withheld.

The provision of this condition shall apply during the extension of a purchase order/contract and indefinitely after its expiry or termination.

Manitoba generally awards the bid to the lowest overall price of an acceptable product, however, preference may be given to products which are environmentally preferable and support Manitoba’s Sustainable Development

Procurement Guidelines.
Bidders are encouraged to provide complete details of products offered including the environmental issues to be considered.

Product pricing may be only one of the components to be considered in the overall evaluation of environmentally preferable products.

RIGHT TO REISSUE RFQ Manitoba reserves the right to cancel and/or reissue the RFQ where, in Manitoba’s sole opinion, none of the quotes submitted in response to the RFQ warrant acceptance or where it would be in the best interests of Manitoba to do so. Costs incurred in the preparation, presentation and submission of a quote shall be borne entirely by the Bidder.

Manitoba shall not reimburse any bidders for any costs if the RFQ is cancelled or reissued.

Manitoba reserves the right, prior to any contract award, to secure evidence to Manitoba’s satisfaction that any bidder is the manufacturer or an authorized distributor, dealer or retailer of the goods offered and is authorized to sell these goods in Manitoba, Canada and upon request will provide Manitoba with written evidence thereof.
Manitoba reserves the right to secure evidence to the Manitoba’s satisfaction that any bidder is able to provide the goods or services and to require the successful bidder to furnish security, free of any expense to Manitoba, to guarantee faithful performance of the contract.

Manitoba prefers to receive quotations in Canadian funds.
If the pricing offered is quoted in a currency other than Canadian then the currency is to be clearly identified on the quote document.

Due to our computerized accounts payable system please advise if your invoice address (accounts receivable) is the same as the address for orders / quotes shown above
YES ____ or NO ______
If NO provide complete details i.e. box #, street address, city,
province, postal code, etc. _________________

Are you licensed by Manitoba Finance to collect and remit Manitoba’s Retail Sales Tax
YES_____ or NO_____
If NO disregard the following paragraph.

Is the product(s) offered subject to Manitoba’s Retail Sales Tax
YES____ or NO _____
If the quote consists of both taxable (T) and non-taxable ( NT) items please indicate T or NT opposite each item offered.

The signature of the Authorized representative of the Bidder who signs the bid document is also agreeing to the above certification.

Manitoba will consider Early Payment Terms. Manitoba’s standard payment term is net thirty (30) days.

The Bidder shall specify their standard invoice term:
Is there any applicable discounts for early payment?
Yes _____ No _____ Initial __________
If Yes, please specify:

Does your early payment clause appear on your invoice?
Yes _____ No _____ Initial __________

YOUR QUOTATION REFERENCE # ( if applicable) _________

Proposed Delivery Address:

Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship Destination of 14 Yurts:

(1)Spruce Woods Provincial Park Maintenance Yard 10,,ms north of Glenboro Manitoba.

(4)Conservation Park Operations Yard Northwest of the Swan River Museum Grounds Swan River, MB.

(3)Prospector Maintenance Yard Junction of PR #282 and PTH#10 Near The Pas, MB.

(6)281 Bilan Road, Lac Du Bonnet, MB.


Procurement Services Branch Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation
2nd Flr – 270 Osborne St. N.
Winnipeg, MB, Canada R3C 1V7
or) Fax quote to (204) 945-1455

For more information visit merx.com

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